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Ghost Production

With this service we help you – DJs and Producers – to save humongous amount of time on making prime quality music. What you get is top notch records that match your preferences. All you need is just to drop us your preferred sound referral and receive back the expected high quality results.


Finishing your track is the hardest and most important part of writing it. This service is for those who have problems with it. Send your track to us and we’ll finish it together. We’ll mix’n’master it and work on it for as long as it takes, untill you hear what you want to.

Ghost Promotion

With this service you get our full mentorship both on your production and promotion. You’ll have detailed reviews on your tracks, which will help you improve your production skills. We’ll help you with promo campaigns, labels and your social media.

Custom Ghost Packs

Custom ghost pack is an ultimate project template for producers who use Ableton Live. We offer you developed packs which are based on your special preferences and reference records. Take your pick.

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We are a team of experienced professionals whose sole purpose of life is to make good underground dance music. Those aren’t just words, we can proove it. We will back you up both on music production as well as your career development. We’ve rocked dancefloors, we’ve satisfied our customers and we’re just getting started. Still don’t believe us? Try us. We won’t let you down.

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Yes, very good! is almost perfect, tonight I’ll be in the studio to give a more detailed listening! and I will write you right away!
Client Id 008
Hey Guys,

hope you´re doing well.

First let me tell you that Chris and I were very impressed by your work. We are very happy that we have choosen you. Many thanks for your efforts! We have checked the demos on different sound-systems and would like to give our feedback to each one separately. That´s how we can improve our collaboration.

Client Id 016
Really good work guy, is a difficult choice…
I will listen good in this week end and monday i can say you something.
Client Id 021
I just listened to it. It sounds good. I will tag the minor tweaks on the SoundCloud page sometime tomorrow.
Client Id008
Perfect! i like it! send me the payment request.
Client Id012
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