Optimizing Your Soundcloud

Ask an artist what's this Soundcloud thing? 9 out of 10 will say "Soundcloud is a place to upload songs". Well let's agree to disagree. I say you can actually build a brand on Soundcloud and I have some tips for you to do so. Tip 1. You can get follows for downloads. It's important [...]

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How to make your DAW better

You know when you see something so cute that you wanna puke, you go - d'aaawww...? Well this ain't about that one. This is about D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation) So here's the thing. We - people - like pushing buttons, tasting things, grab everything and all the rest of it since we're toddlers. We can't [...]

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Samples: Why you should try it

Ok, cheapskates, this one is for you. Sampling: Was ist das? In short, taking part of some recorded sound or music and using it in another piece of music is Sampling. - Umm... quick question - let's say I take the dog barking from "who let the dogs out" and use it in my music... [...]

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