You know when you see something so cute that you wanna puke, you go – d’aaawww…? Well this ain’t about that one. This is about D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation)

So here’s the thing. We – people – like pushing buttons, tasting things, grab everything and all the rest of it since we’re toddlers. We can’t help it. It’s in our DNA or something. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

Nowadays most of the people can actually read and write – even if they’re getting a progressive education (let’s not hold that against them) so do yourself a favor. Read this before torturing your computer and software.

Assuming that you’ve got your DAW legally, by actually spending money on it… umm… ok, let’s go no further.

So you got your software, installed it. Good. Now, what’s next?
Well, we have some tips.

1) Read the manual
We’ve established that you can read…ish, so just take the damn manual and read it. You know, it’s written by people who have created the damn thing. We promise. It won’t kill you. You may even find something useful in there.

2) Get rid of the unnecessary extra thingies
You always wonder, what’s the best DAW? Well, this ain’t Shakespeare so that is NOT the question.
The best DAW for you is the one that you’re comfy working with.
It’s like a samurai sword… ok, bad example. In short – it must complete you. Your ideas, your crazy ass fantasies.
So the point is you don’t pick the glam stuff and overpay for it. You get what you feel is going to serve the purpose AND adapt it to your needs. It won’t get you a coffe though, no matter what you do with it. Sorry.

We told you to adapt you DAW to your needs, right? Well, this is just to confirm that one. ADD-ONs will make your work easier and more enjoyable – ’cause after playing with all that stuff you’ll hear what you want to hear. Otherwise getting the sound you want will be a pain in… you know the rest.

4) Templates
Well, this is obvious, isn’t it? Talk about making thing easier.
DAWs come with their own templates, but you should spend some time making your own. And it’s pretty obvious you will, really. You’re doing your thing – pushing buttons – and boom! It just clicks! You found a great set-up. So whadya gonna do? You’re gonna save it and use it later for something else, that’s what.

5) The more the merrier
You get your DAW packed with instruments, loops and sounds. But usually that’s not enough. So go ahead and add some instrument plugins and samples. Most DAWs support those. There’s nothing more to say on the matter really. Just go ahead and download as many VST plugins free sample packs as you want. Ready! Set! Go!

6) Rules
There are no damn rules. We could just stop here.
Just know this simple fact. Every so called rule is a limit to your creativity, imagination, inspiration… all that jazz.
So just go, dig, try, explore…
Speaking of exploring!

7) Exploring
We say DAW, we imagine a gigantic machine. If you wanna get the best out of your machine – you must know it inside and out. How the hell are you going to drive your car 100 mph if you didn’t know it can do it? So explore your DAW, learn every day. It may even surprize you.

8) Faster! Faster!
Let’s be honest. DAW is a vampire. It sucks all the power your computer has. It’s a power hungry big ass son-of-a-bitch. Make sure your computer is strong enough to satisfy your vampire’s needs. There are ways for your computer to save some juice for DAW. Keep an eye for a blog-post about it.

9) Clean up on aisle 7
No hardware or software will work properly if it’s full of junk. Literally. The enemy number 1 for your hardware is the dust… ofcourse there’s coffee that you spill on it, or some food… not to mention the booger from your nose… but basically it’s dust. So keep it clean.
As for your software… Well, you can be chaotic in your imagination land or whatever, but you have to keep things organized when it comes to managing your software, orelse…!!!
Nothing special. Naming folders properly, labeling everything correctly and all that.

Now for the main question. Did you find any of these tips useful?
No? Sheesh… Like I care (HRD)