Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers.
Just don’t ask “why is the sky blue” or “why did Scar kill Mufasa” etc.

What is Ghost House?
Ghost house is musicians friendly sound platform providing quality services such as the ghost production, co-production, professional audio mixing and mastering. We are bunch or dwarfs wo are slaving away for you – our masters.

What payments methods do we accept and how does it work?
We only accept payments via paypal. After submitting demos, we are charging our clients only 20% of single project on a regular fee basis and the rest 80% of total fee when the project is done. In the early days it was more complicated. We’d get payments in many different ways. They were made via a numbered Swiss bank account or a fistful of used oncers slipped under the door of the gents’. But these days it’s paypal only.

What is our refund policy?
We are charging our clients ultimately after approval the final quality of demanded projects and returning back 20% of provided deposit when the clients withdrawing the deal within the process of collaboration with us. In ideal world you’d get nothing back, but we’re not living in ideal world, sadly. Sigh.

What is your multiple quantity discount policy?
Within submitting two projects at once, you are getting 10% discount of regular fee and accordingly 20% discount for three projects and 30% discount for four or more projects. In short, it’s a “pay less – get more” thing. Yeah, we’re awesome that way.

Do we sign a contract for the project?
Yes, our company providing a contract on a legal basis for each particular non-disclosure project, including the complete information on payments, transfer of the rights and declaration of exclusivity. Also, we love signing things. Our signatures are awesome and we just love showing off.

Which DAW do we use for producing the projects?
We are working on Ableton live, Logic Pro and Cubase for great part of the projects. Accordingly we can provide projects for DAWs like Bitwig Studio or Propellerhead Reason upon your request. Oh, don’t worry, we guarantee a super-duper quality, you nincompoops.