Ask an artist what’s this Soundcloud thing? 9 out of 10 will say “Soundcloud is a place to upload songs”. Well let’s agree to disagree. I say you can actually build a brand on Soundcloud and I have some tips for you to do so.

Tip 1.
You can get follows for downloads. It’s important to build your Soundcloud following. More followers you get – bigger you are. So what you need to do is use a site like to trade follows for free downloads of you music…

Tip 2.
You can use “Emojis” in your Username. Fisrt of all be sure that your username isn’t a “babbling baboon”, ’cause I have my eye on it, ok? Now, using emojis helps you stick out in this ocean of names in the newsfeed. It’ll come in handy. Just don’t use the “poop” one.

Tip 3.
Keep your profile descriptions short and simple. Write something short and catchy. Add few links to your social accounts and an email. You don’t write “good night” anymore, we just type “gn8”. We don’t write “Hello, how are you?” we just type “hey, ‘sup?”. We don’t do these things because it’s cool and all that, we do it ’cause it’s faster and we’re lazy. So nobody cares (or have the patience for it) about your fascinating story about being bitten by music teacher and so on… I’m sure it’s a great story and all, but I don’t have the time to read it. Busy busy busy, minecraft, busy busy busy…

Still here? Ok. Let’s move on.

Tip 4.
Set up a background and profile image. Not that it’s a big deal or something, but it surely gives your profile a cool look. Like you’re a pro. And if you’re really counting on soundcloud to build a brand – you should tkae this one seriously.

Tip 5.
Reply to comments. And might I add – don’t be an ass. Some artists take these comments as granted. Can’t imagine why. It’s take 5 seconds to reply a simple “thanks”. It’s also imprtant to show that you’re in touch with yor listeners ans appreciate their interest in your music. Imagine you’ve commented on your favorite artist’s page and got a reply… feels good isn’t it? Same here.

Tip 6.
Here’s a little trick you can use. Make second account. You can get about 3000 followers a month with it. You just repost music on it. It’s like a music blog thing. Just add a pretty girl pic. It’s important… well… you know…

Tip 7.
Find other aacounts that repost music. There are tons of them. Make a “reposters list”. Every time you release a new track you write to these reposters and ask if they’d repost your track.
It doesn’t matter how many of them will answer, because with every repost you’ll get several hundreeds or thousands of plays of your track.

Tip 8.
Get a PRO Acccount. Yeah. Really. If you’re planning some marketing moves for the future you’ll need it. It’s very helpful with it’s analytics and other stuff, but one thing I like the most is that you can PIN your track. Let’s say you don’t just post your music but repost others as well. You don’t want YOUR music to get lost on the feed do you? DO YOU?!?!?! I’m sure you don’t.
Now, you pin your track and it’s always the first one to be seen in the feed. Ain’t it great?

Tip 9.
Use groups. There are tons of groups on Soundcloud. Find some and join. Every time you release a new track you’ll get about 1000 plays and maybe 20 comments. At least you’ll know what your fellow sonclouders think about your music before you send it out to repost channels and music blogs. Yeah one more thing. You don’t join a… rock music group if you’re writing classical music if you get my point.

Tip 10.
Track description. Don’t ignore it. You can write about what inspired you to write this track. I bet if Euphemia Allen could tell what inspired her to write Chopsticks, she’d say Sushi. Anyway… You’ve been inspired by something or someone. Share, damn it. Add a download link. Or info about your co-writer. You just add all the information about the track. It’s for those who’ll want to know more about it.

Tip 11.
Repost! Repost other good music. Keeping your soundcloud feed alive is very important. It’s obvious that you can’t write and post new track every 3 days or so. You’re not a machine. So, reposting good tracks will keep your fans engaged with your account plus they’ll get to know you, in a way. At least your music taste.

Ok, that’s it for now.
Any questions? No? Good. Bye.