Ok, cheapskates, this one is for you.

Sampling: Was ist das?

In short, taking part of some recorded sound or music and using it in another piece of music is Sampling.

– Umm… quick question – let’s say I take the dog barking from “who let the dogs out” and use it in my music… how the hell they’ll know that this barking is THE barking from “who let the dogs out”? (HRD)

Ok, seriously though, in early days, 25-30 years ago (Ok, now you feel old, don’t you? Or too young?) sampling wasn’t an issue. It’s Hip Hop’s fault that it IS nowadays. It’s the most sapmle-heavy genre and as it’s popularity grew all over the world (it “mainstreamed”) producers and artists who’s material was being used found their “gimme my money” button and pressed it as hard as they could. Translation. If you wanted to use a sample you had to pay to the person who created that thing in the first place.
Needless to say that this novelty had it’s pros and cons. You know the saying – “Every medal has two sides”. The “owners” got richer and the rest… well, nobody cares. Pay for it and nothing will affect your “artistic freedom”. OR you can use… drumroll please…


Ta-daaa!!! Yup, there are those.
But first, let’s make some things clear.
Copyrights, Permissions, Royalties (nothing to do with The Royal Family)
When you create your own original thing, none of these ugly and scary words should bother you at all. But if you’re sampling(aka using existing material)… Oh boy. Ok. First you should get the owner’s permission to use their thing. There’s a word for it – Licensing. Then, you should be ready to pay for it. A lot. You’re paying for every time the audio is featured in your project, as well as for each time your track is played on a radio station or in a club.
Headache? Check! (V)

If you’re still reading this then you want to know when the Royalty-free samples come in?
Now. Here.
How it works? You purchase a royalty-free sample library. That simple. By doing so, you get a comprehensive license that allows you to use the included samples in your music without having to pay any additional royalty fees. Now the same in english. You pay once for bunch of samples and that’s that. You do whatever the hell you want to with your samples. They’re yours now. You use them in your music over and over… duh. You paid for it. And you don’t have to pay for anything else in regards with these samples.

Now, where to find those sample libraries? Google it. Ok, ok. Here are few hints. Damn, you people are lazy! So there’s a huge library on Splice. You can also check out Freesound. Don’t forget about Soundbible.
Some samples will require giving the owner a credit or not using them for commercial means and so on… You just have to find samples with terms and conditions that will suit your needs. So, read carefully.

Uh, what else? Nothing. Let the spirit of creativity poop on you. Like a bird.
They say it’s a good luck charm or something.
The end.